We cordially invite you as producer, engineering company or manufacturer of analysis equipment to participate as a sponsor or an exhibitor in EUROBORON 8. We offer 4 options:

Option 1 1) Option 2 1) Option 3 2) Option 4 2)
Your compagny logo in the website and book of abstracts OPTION 1 + half-page advertising insert in the book of abstracts OPTION 2 +
5min-talk in the conference amphitheator
an exhibition stand*
5min-talk in the conference amphitheator
an exhibition stand*
200 € 400 € 1100 € 1600 €

1) sponsoring only
2) sponsoring and exhibiting: the fee includes the full participation of one person (conference fee with old city visit and conference dinner)
* the 2m linear stand includes a table, a chair, a poster board and a 230Vac power plug.

If you are looking for other attractive opportunities to promote your company as sponsor or exhibitor at EUROBORON 8, please write an e-mail to secretary@euroboron8.org to discuss on a tailor-made solution.