Available in September 2018

TEST PAGE: any registration before this date will not be considered.

Steps to register and participate to EUROBORON 8

Please be aware of the steps to undertake to register and participate to the conference. The guidelines will improve the efficiency on all organization levels. Thank you for your collaboration!

  1. Abstract submission is only possible after your online registration. First fill in the registration form
  2. After registering, you will receive an e-mail from registration@euroboron8.org confirming your registration. If you do not receive any confirmation e-mail within two days, please contact us (registration@euroboron8.org).
  3. Please comply with the payment deadline. Payment is mandatory before the opening of the meeting. Use the payment gateway. All fees for the registration to EUROBORON 8 should be paid in EUR (€). VAT is included in all fees.


New participant

Registration form

Payment Gateway


As administrative registration and payment are on two independant servors, please apply to both above gateways Registration AND Payment